We provide top quality health care to all women, at every stage of their life.

Prenatal testing

Complete diagnostics and prenatal care. Our goal is to help you give birth to a healthy baby.

Infertility treatment

For those who have been unsuccessfully trying to conceive a baby Galena has prepared a complex medical care.

HPV – cervical cancer prevention

Do you know that early detection of cervical cancer increases the cure rate to nearly 100%? The words “cancer” or “tumour” raise fear and uncertainty in many people.…

Gynaecology and minimally-invasive surgery

Hysteroscopy What is hysteroscopy? Hysteroscopy is a modern and minimally invasive endoscopic method used in gynaecology for diagnosis and for performing intrauterine procedures. It consists in introducing a…

MonaLisa Touch laser – intimate beauty

Aesthetic gynaecology consists in restoration or improvement of the appearance and function of female reproductive organs. Our Clinic has just acquired the MonaLisa Touch laser – a global…

Breast under control

Regular testing is of utmost importance for early breast cancer detection. In Klinika Galena we perform breast ultrasound with two high-end ultrasonographs: Voluson E8 Expert BT13 (the world’s…